Wilder PTSA


We are excited to announce the arrival of the

WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) program to Wilder!


This is an amazing program that gives Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers, and any Father-figures, the opportunity to volunteer at the school and help to encourage and support our students! For even more information, please visit the official WatchDOGS website!


!!Special Announcment!! - Official T-shirts have arrived!

Our Official WatchDOGS t-shirts have finally arrived! We will have them in the Teacher Workroom waiting for you on your next scheduled volunteer date. Just sign in at the front office for your duty, head into the workroom to get your t-shirt and nametag and wear both proudly. Remember these t-shirts are your WatchDOGS "Uniforms" so please be sure to wear them during every volunteer shift! (We also purchased TWO bright yellow rain slickers for you to use on wet days. The slickers will remain in the workroom as school property and will be shared. ) 


WatchDOGS Duties!

With our kick-off for this year we are setting up four opportunites for WatchDOGS to volunteer. We currently do not have any full day opportunites nor do we have any classroom opportunities. Please be respectul of our teachers, staff, and administration and follow the guidelines below.


1. Morning Drop-Off Duty (8:30am-9:30am)

"Your duty will include welcoming students and parents to the school as they drop off their students. Sometimes you may need to open a door for those kids to get out and even help them with their backpacks. Please help to keep traffic moving along quickly and SAFELY. Be sure that everyone is following all Wilder Parking Lot rules and that all the children get to the building safely. Don't forget your WatchDOG high-fives!"


2. Lunch and Lunch Recess Duty (11:30am - 2:00pm)

“Your duty will include keeping the lunchroom and recess chaos to a limit!

Your duties will include helping to set-up and clean-up for each lunch. You are welcome to sit down and enjoy lunch with your student or any student, or you may even want to spend a few minutes with each table throughout the lunchroom.

Your biggest duty (and probably the most popular with the students!) will be recess duty. We’d like for you to arrive with a plan in mind but understand that the plan may change due to weather or to other special needs you may see while out at recess. Some duties you may want to consider are refereeing a soccer match, refereeing a football game, organizing a basketball game, setting up a soccer or basketball skills station, monitoring the playground structures, sitting on a bench and just talking with students, setting up a chalk art area, using the painted cement to make up new, fun games! The possibilities are endless! Our goal is to make sure that every student feels included during recess and that every student has the opportunity to have fun and do something they love. It may be sports, it may be art, it may even be singing a song or just sitting down to chat. Please do come to recess with a plan and communicate that plan to the recess monitors, so they know what you are doing. Don’t forget your WatchDOG high fives!


Important times to consider while volunteering for Lunch and Lunch Recess Duty: 

Lunch Schedule

12:00 PM–12:30 PM Grades K/2                    Eat & Clean up
12:30 PM–1:00 PM Grades 1/4                    Eat & Clean up
1:00 PM-1:30 PM Grades 3/5                    Eat & Clean up

Lunch Recess

12:30 PM-1:00 PM   Grades K/2/3/5
1:00 PM-1:30 PM Grades 1/4

You may find yourslef moving back and forth bewteen the lunchroom and the playground, or you may only want to stay indoors for lunch help, or you may decide to stay outdoors only for lunch recess. We want you to use your skills in the best possible way and be willing to help where needed!"


3. Afternoon Pick-Up Duty (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

"Your duty will include helping students to safely and efficiently find their buses or their parent’s cars. Sometimes you may need to open a door for those kids help them with their backpacks. Please help to keep traffic moving along quickly and SAFELY. Be sure that everyone is following all Wilder Parking Lot rules and that all the children get to the vehicles safely. Don't forget your WatchDOG high-fives!"


4. PTSA Events - Dates Vary

“Your duty for these events will depend on what is needed at the time. Once you sign up to volunteer for an event, the chair will contact you to set-up specific duties for you throughout the evening. This year’s events include: Fall Carnival (9/15/16), International Night (11/9/16), Reflections Reception (11/16/16), Book Fair (12/4/16 – 12/8/16), Movie Night (1/26/17), STEM Night (3/1/17), Art Night (5/10/17), Spring Dance (6/1/17).”


Already a Wilder WatchDOG? Great - thank you!

Just click HERE to schedule your next WatchDOG date!


Interested in becoming a WatchDOG? Awesome - thank you!

The first step will be to get your LWSD Volunteer Approval Process started. Just click HERE and follow the steps!

Once your Volunteer Application is complete, just email Meredith Cain with your full name and the names and grades of your students. Once you are on our list, you can click HERE to schedule your WatchDOG dates!


Wilder WatchDOGS Rules 

Please click HERE for a full list of rules that must be followed while volunteering at Wilder.


If you have any questions, please email Shawn Howard or Meredith Cain.