Wilder PTSA

PTSA Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Executive Committee 

The Executive Officers Committee is comprised of officers who are elected by the Wilder PTSA general membership. The officers oversee the various committees/programs the PTSA runs throughout the year. By itself, the Executive Committee does not have the power to make binding decisions for the PTSA.

Executive Officers for 2017-2018

Meredith Cain, meredith.cain@sbcglobal.net
Lynette Kap, lynette@kapfamily.com
Beth McIntire, ejw24@hotmail.com
Co-Vice Presidents, Communications
Molly Von Mitschke-Collande, molly_vmc@msn.com
Courtney Rodgers, seattlecourt@gmail.com
Co-Vice Presidents, Ways and Means
Whitney Holt, whitneyaholt@gmail.com
Sophia Lau, sophia.lau.dalton@outlook.com
Co-Vice Presidents, Community Events
Shelley Guthrie, shelley.gu3@hotmail.com
Tami Levison, tami@jtlevinson.com
Vice President, Volunteers
Whitney Seamons, wseamons@gmail.com
Jeannie Tsognyi, tsognyi@gmail.com
Vice President, Enrichment – Before School
Kendra Bohm, kendra.bohm@gmail.com
Vice President, Enrichment – During School
Wendy Hoefling, wendyhofeling@yahoo.com
Co-Vice Presidents, Enrichment – After School
Melissa Mazor, melissamazor@outlook.com
Kerri Lucchese, klucchese1@gmail.com


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Officers as well as other committee/program Chairs on the org chart (as outlined in our standing rules) and parent volunteers. Anyone can be on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the PTSA. However, certain items require approval from the general membership and cannot be decided solely by the Board of Directors.