Wilder PTSA

Frequently Asked Questions by New Wilder Parents


Getting Ready for the School Year

Q:  When will I receive forms and other information from the school?

A:  Each family will receive a packet of forms including information from the Lake Washington School District, Wilder Elementary and the Wilder PTSA at the Open House and Kindergarten Orientation. Due to the fact that these packets contain confidential information, a friend or neighbor will not be allowed to pick-up your packet for you. If you are unable to get your packet at either of those times then it will be sent home on the first day of school.


Q:  When do I find out who my child’s teacher is?

A:  You will receive a message from the school office in late August with information on how to access your child’s teacher information. This information will be on Parent Access which is located on the district website www.lwsd.org (search for Parent Access and sign up).


Q:  When will I find out where my child will catch the bus?

A:  LWSD Transportation will mail out cards with information on the time and place for pick-up/drop-off. Cards are usually mailed mid-late August. Contact the Transportation Office at (425) 936-1120 with questions.


Q:  My child is in Kindergarten. How will school staff and the bus driver know this?

A:  The first week of school, every kindergartner has a special name card that shows their name and the bus they are to take. You will receive more information at the kindergarten parent meeting in late August.


Q:  Do parents follow the bus the first day?

A:  Some do, others drive to meet the bus at school. Others go celebrate with other parents!


Q:  What supplies will my child need for school?

A:  You will find the lists on our website: http://www.lwsd.org/school/wilder/For-Parents/Pages/default.aspx under School Supply Lists.


Q:  What are my child’s options for lunch?

A:  Students may bring their lunch or buy it in the cafeteria. If they are going to buy lunch, you can deposit money into his/her account and they will be given a debit card that will be available to each day. You can fill this card through a check made to Lake Washington Food Service (which you can send to school with your child) or you can add funds to your child’s account through the Parent Access portion of the district website. You can also contact LWSD Food Service at (425) 936-1393. You will be notified whenever the account runs low and can deposit additional funds via a check or credit card through Parent Access portion of the district website.


Q:  Can my child just purchase milk or juice?

A:  Yes.


Q:  My child has a food allergy, how does the school handle this?

A:  Please inform your child’s teacher and clearly state the allergy(ies) on their Emergency Card which is distributed the first week of school. The office can provide you with specific information related to your child’s allergy(ies).


Q:  My child needs to take medication at school. What do I need to do?

A:  All medications will need a doctor’s prescription and a signed medical form available from the office. Parents must also sign off on the form. All medications include over-the-counter and prescription drugs. We are only allowed to administer medications that can be swallowed. We cannot administer eye drops or ointments.


Q:  What happens if my child gets sick or is injured at school?

A:  In the event of an illness or injury your child will be taken to the Health Room and you will be contacted at the emergency contact numbers you provide.


Q:  What if my child is going to be absent or late?

A:  Please call in absences & late arrivals to Wilder’s Absence/Late Arrival Line at (425) 936-2741.


Q:  What happens if my child is late?

A:  Whenever possible, please notify the office is your child will be late due to a morning appointment. If he/she is late due to an unforeseen circumstance, please have your student check-in at the office to pick up a late slip. Please remember that all students are expected to arrive at school no later than 8:55.


Q:  What happens if I need to pick my child up early for an appointment?

A:  If you know in advance, please notify your teacher ahead of time. You will need to sign your child out in the office. Do not go to the classroom first. The office will call the teacher to request the student’s dismissal.


Throughout the School Year

Q:  How many recesses are there?

A:  Two fifteen-minute recesses (morning and afternoon) as well as a 30-minute lunch recess.


Q:  If my child wants to go home with someone else, whom will I notify?

A:  Please e-mail or send a note to the teacher, as well as c.c. the office in case there is a substitute. The teacher will then write your child a bus pass. Your child cannot get on a different bus or off at a different stop without a bus pass.


Q:  Does Wilder provide before and after school child care?

A:  This year YMCA will be providing on-site child care for after school. The Wilder program is run by the Bellevue YMCA (425-246-9900) and parents can get more information or register at http://www.ychild.org.


Q:  What is the PTSA and why should I join/volunteer/donate?

A:  The Wilder PTSA is an organization of Wilder parents that work closely with the school administration and staff to support the educational and extracurricular experience of all our students. Initially PTAs existed only to advocate for children’s rights in education and healthcare initiatives. Today, due to severe funding deficiencies from the state, PTSAs have taken on many of the responsibilities for providing the “extras” a school offers – classes, programs, school equipment, classroom funds, etc.


Q:  How can I join the PTSA?

A:  Information about joining Wilder PTSA is available on the school website. You will also be able to sign up at the Open House. Wilder Elementary is proud of the consistently high level of family membership we enjoy.


Q:  What programs does the PTSA offer during the school day?

A:  Wilder PTSA sponsors many programs for all students during the school day. These staff-supported programs are funded by the PTSA and run by parent volunteers – not the teachers. Programs include: Art Docent, Math Adventures, Watershed and more. You will find more information on the PTSA portion of the school website (http://wilderptsa.ourschoolpages.com/Program). All of these programs need volunteers to keep them going. Contact your teacher or program chairperson(s) if you are interested in helping. In addition to the in-class programs there are other programs going on during the school day that use volunteers including Health Room Coverage, Marathon Club, Wolf PACK and more.


Q:  What enrichment classes does the PTSA offer?

A:  Wilder PTSA offers a variety of enrichment classes both before and after school. Class descriptions and registration information can be found on the PTSA portion of the school website (http://wilderptsa.ourschoolpages.com/Program).


Q:  How do I help in my child’s classroom?

A:  During Curriculum Night, teachers will have sign-up sheets posted, or you may contact the teacher directly. All volunteers in the classroom or for any school event must pass a background check prior to volunteering in the classroom. These forms are available in the office or online by going to the PTSA portion of the school website and choosing Volunteers. Wilder PTSA also provides many opportunities to volunteer both in your child’s classroom and for the school in general. You can view these opportunities and programs on the PTSA portion of the website.


Q:  Can I come to school/recess/lunch time whenever I want?

A:  Whenever you visit the school, you must check in at the office. You may visit during lunch anytime. Other visitation times must be scheduled with your child’s teacher.


Q:  How can I get to know other parents?

A:  Working in the classroom and volunteering for school activities provide terrific opportunities to meet other kids and parents.


Q:  How do I find out what is going on at school?

A:  Both the school and Wilder PTSA communicate with parents using Constant Contact, an online email system that sends weekly newsletters on Monday. You should automatically receive an introductory email in August to any emails you have submitted to the school for contact purposes. You may then unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive the emails on a certain address. If you are not receiving these emails when school starts then please email the office and wilderptsa@hotmail.com.


Q:  What if I have other questions?

A:  ASK!! The office is extremely helpful and if they don’t know the answer they will find someone who does. Also, ask the PTSA Co-Presidents or Welcome Committee chair. Their contact information is available on the website. There are no dumb questions and chances are your question has been asked/answered before or it will come up again.