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Math Challenge

Math Challenge is an optional math enrichment extension to the Math Adventures program at Wilder.  It is designed to give students opportunities to sharpen their mathematical problem-solving skills.  Throughout the challenges, the program covers problem solving strategies such as drawing a picture or model, making an organized list, looking for patterns, working backwards, and guessing and checking.

Monthly challenges will be available on this website for download starting in late September and ending in May.  There is no registration or fee required for this program.  This is a great opportunity for families to be involved and to enjoy math through fun and engaging math problems.  We encourage parents and siblings to get involved in discussing and solving them.

For the 2017/2018 schedule, click here.

*Note that Wilder participates in only every other math challenge available on the MathInAction website (i.e. MC1, MC3, MC5, MC7, MC9, MC11, MC13, and MC15).


Check back next school year for new challenges!

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For questions, please contact us at WilderMathChallenge@gmail.com.


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