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Art Challenge – Learn More about the Masters!
Art Challenge
We are excited to announce our brand-new Art Challenge featuring Pablo picasso!
Art Challenge forms can be found in the cafeteria or in the front lobby or at the links below. Just answer the art questions and turn it in to the front office by April 27th to enter a prize drawing!
Check out the cafeteria billboard to learn more about our featured artist – Pablo Picasso- and listen to the Friday Fun Facts where Mr. R will tell you interesting information about our featured artist.
Take your art knowledge a step further and create a personal masterpiece to be displayed in the cafeteria! This Art Challenge Project will be based on the well-known Pablo Picasso's five different "periods" 0 choose your favorite period, choose your favorite medium and create your masterpiece! Turn it in to the front office by April 27th to be displayed in the cafeteria!
Be creative and have fun as you learn more about Pablo Picasso!
 For more information on Pablo Picasso and all of his periods, please check out these websites:



Please email Jennifer de la Port (jldelaport@sbcglobal.net) or Meredith Cain (meredith.cain@sbcglobal.net) with any questions.